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A colour photograph of a young white man, the artist Joseph Whitmore, looking directly into the camera. He has cropped brown hair and beard, and is wearing a dark jacket with a high neck.


Joe Whitmore

PiQUE-NiQUE is a short adventure game by artist and Citizen Futurist Joseph Whitmore

About the work

PiQUE-NiQUE is a short adventure game influenced by the Young Producer's opinions on the future of their town. The game features rogue-food items, maze-like-markets, and some essential public plant maintenance.

Opting for a light-hearted approach, PiQUE-NiQUE seeks to contribute to the conversation surrounding the building of optimistic futures for towns that border metropolitan regions by listening to the voices which will shape them.

There's also a PiQUE-NiQUE Instagram filter hidden somewhere else in this place [of mine].

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Playing on laptop? When the game loads, you may need to click on the game screen (in the browser) in order to initiate the use of your keyboard.

Or, if you're playing on a mobile device, press the A button when the game loads on the Game Boy style player.

The following buttons correspond to qwerty keyboard use:

Press the Z key on your keyboard (or A BUTTON if playing on a mobile device) to play through the dialogue boxes.

Arrow keys – movement

Enter – Start (quest menu, press again to exit)

Z Key (A BUTTON) – interact - talk to people, pick things up)

X Key (B BUTTON) – (jump and shoot in certain scenes)

Download PiQUE-NiQUE for GameBoy

Want to play PiQUE-NiQUE on your GameBoy? Download the rom files to install and play!

Click here to download the PiQUE-NiQUE ROM files.

play pique-nique on itch.io