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A black and white photograph of young white man, the artist David McFarlane, smiling and looking just out of frame. He is wearing a black t-shirt


David McFarlane

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EXIT invites you to dream outside of the digital world


You have completed your computer.

This is the final website.

The high street is waiting.

When you are ready to leave, download EXIT.

About the work

This piece came out of my experience of trying to reimagine the high street during lockdown. I was finding it increasingly difficult to remember what a high street looked like, let alone reimagine it. As I stared at my computer screen, wondering how I could respond to the ideas FutureEverything and the young people on the project were exploring, I began to dream of a way out – a tunnel out of my computer, that would lead to a space in which I could think clearly, outside of glowing flat screens, video calls, emails, online meetings, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

Downloading EXIT will take you through that tunnel in your own computer, and to that space. But don't worry, everything will still be there when you get back.


Download EXIT.

Find a quiet space by yourself.

If you have headphones, please wear them.

Open EXIT when you are ready to leave...

Download EXIT

Click here to download EXIT for Mac.

Click here to download EXIT for Windows.

If you're downloading EXIT to a Mac computer, you might need to right click>open.

When you've finished the experience, you can also right click to delete/uninstall the software from your computer.

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